About WAGL and David Anson Russo

David Anson Russo is recognized as one of the world’s premier innovative and inspirational artists.

David has enjoyed success in every media he has lent his considerable talents to, fine art, commercial art, broadcast television, animation, publishing, and more.  An innovator for over thirty years, his newest artistic brand “What a Great Life” (WAGL) is captivating audiences everywhere.
Since David debuted his newest art innovation “What A Great Life” in 2012, he has been busy meeting the demand for commissioned pieces and building out the brand. He is also donating his time to high-profile charitable events where he creates full size original “What A Great Life” paintings during live appearances while crowds watch….100% of the proceeds of the sales of the original paintings are then donated to the charity.
His maze artwork and children’s book art is continually touring North America, being showcased in museums, and generating new licensed products. Russo just finished writing the first children's story from the What a Great Life brand, and is now working on the animated movie concept to turn the brand and style into a feature film story.
These designs are just the beginning of the What a Great Life, Lifestyle brand, producing products that enrich one’s life, visually and inspirationally!

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